IntersectWP Rockstars

We’re a small team of designers, developers, and project managers who specialize in delivering exceptional WordPress websites and support for our clients. Our team is based mostly in the US and we’re 100% remote. Learn more about the people who put on the show at IntersectWP!

Rex Boyd


Dave Homan


Reynold M.

CTO & Code Monkey

Aaron L.

Team Leader & Project Management

Jake W.

Team Leader & Customer Support

Jerick E.

Design Lead

Milos P.

Web & Print Design

Samuel A.

Web & Print Design

Denis S.

Web Engineer

Nilesh G.

Web Engineer

Miurell G.

Compliance & Content Wrangling

Matt F.

Online Paid Advertising

The IntersectWP Story

Although we have been delivering digital marketing and website services since 2008, IntersectWP was launched in 2020 to focus on the worlds most popular website platform, WordPress.

IntersectWP is all about delivering WordPress design, development, and maintenance to the small businesses throughout the U.S. Whether your business is well-established, or still an idea in development, we have your website needs covered from start to finish.

Designing, developing, and supporting custom WordPress sites for our #1 client, the small business owner, is our passion.

IntersectWP Values

How our team consistently delivers value to clients

Follow Up

If you’re overcommunicating, you’re doing it right. While we don’t want to ambush clients with endless technical details, it’s important to consistently and proactively communicate with clients whether it’s a routine support ticket or a full-blown site development engagement. Consummate communication is the key to helping clients and minimizing bad outcomes.

Understand Urgency

The second a client’s site goes down, their online payment processing fails, or their forms aren’t able to submit, they’re losing money. Being that our client is the small business owner, they do not have endless resources and redundancies to fall back on. Treat client issues as if they were our own and move quickly to mitigate and resolve.

Quality First, Profits Second

It’s a complicated song and dance to offer fixed-bid website design and development projects, as well as fixed-rate monthly support plans, when we don’t know everything up front. We aren’t profitable on 100% of projects we take on and that’s acceptable. Get the job done right first. Money comes second.

Always Go Further

When you have the opportunity to improve on a business process or build an extra feature that wasn’t scoped, do it. If it saves the client a great deal of time or money, do it. Go further for the client. Do the same with our internal processes and systems. If you see something that needs improvement, just do it. No need to ask for permission.

“Working at IntersectWP is fun.
The best part is hearing all the
success stories from our clients”

Aaron Lentz
Project manager