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Your web presence is crucial to the success of your small business. An attractive and user friendly site will expand your reach and help you showcase your business to a much larger audience. Work with our team of designers and developers to build a presence that helps your business grow. We specialize in understanding your business needs and building WordPress websites that fill those needs. Here’s how we do it:

We understand your needs

We don’t just send a checklist for you to choose what you want on your site. We treat every project as a business case and we’ll work with you to build a site that is customized for your unique business needs.

Easy site management

Want to add a new blog post to your site? Just hit ‘Add Post’. Need to make some changes to page content? We build in a way for you to easily make changes on the fly. Do what you want with your new site with no coding knowledge required.

Fully customized themes

One-size fits all sites are all too common. We build custom themes from the ground up so that your business stands out among the rest.

Lightning fast websites

Those same custom themes are built without any unused code or bloat that a prepackaged theme would have. When we build a site we make sure the code is clean and fast!


All of our sites are built with mobile-responsiveness in mind. Your site will look amazing no matter what device your visitors use!

Always HTTPS

We install SSL certificates on all of our sites, no questions asked. Not only is it safer and more secure, it’s now a Google ranking factor.

Building with SEO in mind

What good is a brand new site if it doesn’t help attract more customers? We’ll make sure your site is super fast and set up properly to build a solid foundation for SEO.

Software & app integration

Have a scheduling software or need to integrate with you favorite CRM? We’ll seamlessly integrate the necessary programs you need into your website.

Unlimited revisions

We don’t count hours or limit your revisions. We want you to walk away with the site that you’ve always envisioned and we won’t stop until we get you just that!

A Site That Truly Is Yours

Some design companies hold your site hostage and want you to pay them to maintain and host the site. Not us. While we do offer amazing[WordPress Maintenance Plans, once we finish the site we hand you the keys, it’s all yours.

We Price Based On Value…
No Cookie Cutter Packages!

If you’re looking for a quick, $500 site thrown up on the web, we’re not a good fit. When it comes to cheap websites, you get what you pay for! We typically run the middle ground when it comes to our website pricing. Our design process is highly focused on understanding your business case and ensuring your site delivers on what you really need from it, and we price accordingly.

Looking for a website build that will help your small business grow?

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Why WordPress?

We’ve mentioned quite a few times so far how we use WordPress as the foundation to build your website. But what makes WordPress better than the rest? We want you to be sure that you’re in good hands, so we want to show you why we think WordPress is the best choice for any small business:

WordPress is insanely easy to use

Websites built on WordPress (especially ours) are extremely user-friendly and allow you to make changes with no coding knowledge whatsoever. Add a new blog post, change your sales copy, swap images, and more with ease.

Search engines love WordPress sites

The code that our WordPress sites are built on is SEO friendly, meaning it’s really easy for search engines to read and index your content. And the better a search engine can understand your content, the higher it will rank over time.

WordPress is open-source

The code that our WordPress sites are built on is SEO friendly, meaning it’s really easy for search engines to read and index your content. And the better a search engine can understand your content, the higher it will rank over time.

WordPress is 100% customizable

Other content management systems (CMS) only allow you to change certain pieces of your site. With WordPress, you can turn your website into whatever you’d like. We help you do this in a way that still permits routine updating so your site stays safe and secure.

Our Process

What’s It Like
Working With Us?

We help small businesses create and manage their online presence. We do it by building custom WordPress sites, maintaining websites with the latest software upgrades and security patches, and optimizing web pages to load with lightning speed for your users.



The first phase in any of our website builds is to talk with you and discuss project goals and expectations. After we understand your needs, we put together a formal requirements document that serves as a “blueprint” for the project. This includes elements such as design ideas, color schemes, content structure, sitemaps, and functionality. Once this is signed off on, we then move to the design phase.



The design phase is where we first give our designer the requirements document. They use this as a basis for their initial design mockups. We always start with a mockup of the homepage that serves as a guide for the rest of the pages. Once we get approval of the mockup from you, we then move on to the remainder of the pages. After all pages have been reviewed and edited, we send the designs to our development team to start the initial build.



Depending on the project, development usually takes between 6-8 weeks. During this time, our team will build out all the pages for your site and setup any of the functionality needed. The requirements document from the planning stage and the mockups from the design phase are what our developers use as a guideline during the build process. Once their work is completed, they will setup a demo version of the site for testing purposes before we take your new site live.



The new site is setup on a staging URL and the review/testing process begins. During this time, we make sure all the pages perform as they should. Various tasks we perform include, but are not limited to:
-Building out test scenarios to ensure proper site functionality
-Confirming all content on each page is correct
-Performing responsive testing across all devices
-Configuring security on the site
-Ensuring email deliverability is working
-Testing any custom functionality on a per project basis
-When the staging site has been tested, reviewed, and everything is finalized, we will then take your site live.



The “go-live” process involves us setting the new site up on the live domain. We have extensive checklists and protocols that we follow to ensure that every aspect of your site is looked at and taken care of. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to launching your new site.


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