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What We Do

We help small businesses create and manage their online presence. We do it by building custom WordPress sites, maintaining websites with the latest software upgrades and security patches, and optimizing web pages to load with lightning speed for your users.


Original Design

We only offer custom designed sites (no templates) that are hand-crafted and iterated upon until you’re delighted.

WordPress Development

No prefab themes. We provide a custom theme that’s light and fast. It has all the code you need and none you don’t.

Fully Responsive

Offer a perfect experience in mobile, tablet, and desktop. Users get a great experience across different browsers too.

US-based Copywriting

Work with a copywriter who seeks to understand your business and capture your brand’s unique voice.


WordPress Updates

Like clock-work: we perform weekly plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates to keep your site running well.

Daily Backups

We take daily automated backups and store them securely offsite. Backups can be used to initiate a full restore.

Security Counts

Using Sucuri, we identify and neutralize security and malware vulnerabilities. Need malware removal? It’s on us.

Unlimited Changes

Ask us to make content edits, CSS changes, publish blog posts, whatever you need. No hour tracking here!


Fast Load Times

We strive for GTMetrix load times less than 3 seconds. Load time is a Google ranking factor, so we take it seriously!

High GTMetrix Scores

We’ll optimize your site speed to achieve A/B-range GTMetrix PageSpeed and YSlow scores.

Cloudflare CDN

We ❤️ Cloudflare! We use Cloudflare for its incredible caching power and easy DNS management.

Ongoing Optimization

Optimization takes work – and then re-work. We monitor and re-optimize your site weekly to maintain performance.

Who We Are

intersectWP’s Promise

There are many WordPress development and support companies out there, but none that make our golden promise: we vow to treat your website with the same sense of urgency you would extend to us if we were your customer. How do we know your sense of urgency for customers? We know excellent customer service is the only thing that helps small businesses grow in a crowded space – if you’ve found us, we share something in common! 😊

We know your website is critical to revenue generation. We also understand you don’t have legions of staff and endless corporate cashflow to make problems go away. That’s why we are responsive, thorough, and we defend our recommendations with business rationale.

Small businesses leave the heavy lifting of WordPress development and support to intersectWP. If you’re looking for a true partner in the website world, you’ve come to the right place.

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4.9/5 Star Reviews

Howdy Partner

intersectWP Partners

  • You Bring the Clients

    Offer our plans to your clients. As a partner, you can even put our pricing on your website like it’s your own. Any plan we offer is fair game. New website development jobs are too.

  • We deliver the Service

    Set up a dedicated email address like [email protected] and provide us with access. Direct your clients to use this address for all support needs. We’ll reach out to new clients as you sign them.

  • Everyone Wins

    You look like the hero to your clients. We provide a highly responsive website support team to handle speed, security, and change requests. Your small business clients will be wowed!

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